Once you see what goes on at ASI Machine Tool, regarding our inventory of used Mazak Integrex CNC lathes, it will hard for you to imagine buying a used machine from any other company in America. Did you know that most machines sold online are sold by people who never even saw the machine they are selling? Most often machines are simply listed for sale and sold right off the floor of the seller and transported directly to the buyer…be ware. Sure I get it, these machines are HUGE and HEAVY and the less loading and unloading the safer it is but sometimes a machine just needs a break and trip to the ASI Machine Tool facility for a spa day.

Are you REALLY saving money when you find a really good deal from a guy sitting around in his underwear relisting other peoples machines on the internet? I am sure it happens but for every good deal, there are dozens of horror stories that end up with unexpected repairs, long delays and VERY expensive service calls to get the machine running again.

What we are suggesting is that the extra cost that you pay to have a machine that has been cleaned, checked and refurbished in our shop will guarantee you will not be devastated by a junker showing up at your door AND that you will have someone that is VERY familiar with your next machine that will be there for service and support when you need them.

This is just an example of what a machine looks like after we get done cleaning and checking every machine in our inventory.

Here at ASI Machine Tool, we know our Mazak Integrex CNC Lathes.

This is a break down of why you should consider using ASI Machine Tool as your preferred CNC vendor of choice.

We clean and check every machine in our inventory and repair and replace all parts found to be out of tolerance.
I could just stop right there because that pretty much sums it all up but still people fall for the cheaper prices of the internet cowboys.
But can I try to get real with you for a second? Used machines are like houses, they are bought and sold based on what the market will bare.
I mean if a particular used machine at 8 years old typically sells for $100,000 then it only stands to reason that sending to us for refurbishing would only make the price go up and honestly it really should but this would greatly depend on the buy price and many times we are buying multiple machines, taking machines for trade and even liquidating entire facilities. So many times and more often than not we are able to buy much lower than the typical internet cowboy and can still sell our machines reasonably close to just a used machine price.

Here is a list of used Mazak Integrex CNC Lathes that we have in stock:

just click on the links below:

The scope of refurbishing a CNC machine can be explained in 5 main factors, which we will explore here.

In this case, we have a Mazak Integrex 400 IISY turn-mill center, which is the pinnacle of Mazak versatility. 

So let’s get into detail with each aspect of a recent machine:

1. Base and Frame Structure

In addition to just simply giving each machine a trip through our machine spa for a good cleaning we
are looking for dents, chips, cracks, scratches, missing bolts, broken wires, leaking tubes or hoses, worn and broken components.
All notes are passed along to the startup technicians to thoroughly inspect and test for repair or replacement.

2. Control Unit

Once the startup technician puts power to the machine and wakes her up from her nap, a quick diagnostic is ran
and we are looking first for any errors and also a history of past errors that could tell us of the problems that the last
operator was dealing with even if the machine was running every day.
Then the machine is cycled through the entire envelope looking and listening for problems with the ways and screws
and the overall range of motion and movement of the machine, mechanically.

3. Spindle motor and Automatic Tool magazine

The MAZAK INTEGREX 400 IISY has a large spindle motor and a large tool magazine. Really, the spindle motor is the heart of any CNC, if it is not running smooth and often you will not be making money so we spend a lot of time testing the spindle motor and checking the tool changers. Many machines have 40 positions and more which is a huge number by any standard but like most Mazaks, the tool changer is just as vital as the machine itself and every pocket must be functioning smoothly and reliably. 

4. Lubrication and Coolant flow

Coolant, in purpose, is widely understood – it’s used to temper high temperatures common during machining and aid in chip evacuation. However, there are several types and styles, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Knowing which coolant – or if any – is appropriate for your job can help to boost your shop’s profitability, capability, and overall machining performance. While we do not normally send the machine on with any type of coolant we can and do suggest coolants based on your applications but in any case we check the pump, hoses and flow for your future efforts.

5. Fixturing & Chip Conveyors

While most machines are not shipped with fixtures a discussion of your application needs to take place with someone that really knows your machine well so that you can discuss possible clearance issues along with your entire range of potential parts.
Chip conveyors are often included with machines and are often overlooked as some kind of afterthought but we are bound to completely check out these units as well.


Why buy from us?

At ASI machine tools, we most value a long-lasting relationship with our customers, and we prefer to be present throughout the lifespan of your machine. Therefore, we offer:

  • Guidance on purchasing your Mazak machine and additional equipment.
  • Support and technical service for your machine every step of the way.
  • Refurbishment and restoration on any machine you plan to buy.


In addition to these steps for your particular orders, we also offer a few things as a company:

  • We buy your used CNC machines.
  • We ensure that you have as little downtime as possible. We are a truly American company. Based in Kentucky, we serve the whole country like we’re helping our neighbors.
  • We make the problematic logistics feel like a breeze, no matter what your company needs; just by giving us a call, you can be sure we are the right people to get the job done.
  • No robots, no dialing trees; only experts on the phone, available for any of your company’s CNC machine needs.
  • Our technicians travel to wherever you need them, ensuring that you have 20+ years of experience ready to service your machine at any time.
  • We get the parts you need, fast and easy.
  • We adapt to your schedule and specific needs.
  • Our technicians are the most resourceful professionals for the job; there is no problem we haven’t encountered.

From the moment you purchase, we make sure that your machine is delivered and set up by truly expert hands; we seek optimal performance in each machine we have all over the U.S.

Just by asking for a free quote, you’ll notice the care and dedication we offer to each of our clients. We are entirely aware of how big a CNC machine purchase can be; not just in size, weight and logistics, but as an investment and a step forward for your company.

In many cases, our services stand as a turning point in a company’s history. We always do our best to be the best decision your company could have made. Our goal is that you make the same choice again in the future.

A smooth running CNC machine makes a smooth running company, and the success that you have makes us even more proud of our work.

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