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Mazak Integrex Multi-Tasking CNC Turning Machines

Featured: NEW Mazak Integrex e-500H The INTEGREX is the most widely used multi-tasking machine tool in the world. A wide range of specifications is available to meet a variety of process integration requirements. Not only the E series for large workpiece machining but also the E-RAMTEC series are equipped with a ram spindle for deep ID turning/machining, and the j-series are designed to provide you the maximum value as well. ASI Machine Tool is a company with 90 years of CNC machine tool experience. We specialize [...]


USED MAZAK INTEGREX CNC TURN/MILL CENTERS FOR SALE Once you see what goes on at ASI Machine Tool, regarding our inventory of used Mazak Integrex CNC lathes, it will hard for you to imagine buying a used machine from any other company in America. Did you know that most machines sold online are sold by people who never even saw the machine they are selling? Most often machines are simply listed for sale and sold right off the floor of [...]