Machinery Highlight: Mazak Horizontal Machining Centers

Machinery Highlight: Mazak Horizontal Machining Centers

Horizontal machining (milling) utilizes a ground-parallel spindle to secure workpieces while rotary cutters remove parts of the material horizontally—making horizontal machining centers (HMC) the ideal machine tool for companies looking for optimal productivity.

Due to their compatibility with a large variety of materials ranging from aluminum to titanium, horizontal machining centers incorporate the latest, most advanced milling technology to bring versatility and flexibility to a new level. This article explores the benefits, capabilities, and characteristics of different Mazak models and how investing in a horizontal machining center will improve your company.


  • 3-, 4- and 5-axis capabilities for infinite shape processing
  • Multiple spindle speed and torque selections
  • Increased part-production versatility and repeatability
  • Durable and reliable for long-term accuracy
  • User-friendly controls with programmable unattended machining


When considering what type of machine tool to buy, it’s important to note the inherent advantages of horizontal machining centers. Their versatility and flexibility allow you to accomplish the majority of your material setup while your selected HMC is still running, directly increasing your spindle uptime and overall productivity.

In addition to smoother and faster material setup times, the automation capabilities of HMCs give your production team more bandwidth to accomplish higher priority items, and further optimize your team’s output, while the HMC performs processes automatically in the background.

Whether your products call for heavy-duty or high-speed machining, Mazak horizontal machining centers help you manufacture all shapes and sizes of materials at the production rate that works best for you. Below is a rundown of the different Mazak horizontal machining center models, and what you can expect from them.


UN Series

The Mazak UN Series features ultra-narrow horizontal machining centers meant for mass production applications. This series tend to be up to three times more productive per unit of floor space than normal-sized machine tool, especially when considering that several of these HMCs can be easily stacked together for simultaneous production applications—significantly increasing your production output.


  • 20,000 rpm spindles
  • Extremely fast rapid traverse speeds
  • 20-tool (30-tool optional) storage capacities
  • Several can be stacked in a row and tended by one robot
  • Large maintenance panel with easy access

MEGA Series

The Mazak MEGA Series features super high-torque horizontal machining centers that make heavy-duty machining extremely efficient, accurate and productive. From steel to cast iron to Inconel and titanium, difficult materials don’t stand a chance. And, because of the make of these machines, even the largest, heaviest workpieces are handled swiftly and easily.


  • High-horsepower, high-torque integral spindle/motors
  • Linear-roller guides on all axes
  • Precise four-axis indexing and machining
  • Reliable high-speed tool change cycles
  • 60-tool storage capacity (80, 120, 160, 180, 240 and 348 optional capacities)
  • Standard two-pallet changers
  • User-friendly controls and automated operation


The INTEGREX e-H Series encompasses machines that are a complete fusion of CNC turning centers and machining centers, allowing the completion of all part operations within a single setup from turning, milling, to even drilling with Mazak’s well known done-in-one machining capability.


  • Done-in-one performance capability
  • High-output, high-torque integral spindle/motor
  • Heavy, large-diameter workpiece compatible
  • Two gear ranges for a wide scope of heavy-duty machining.
  • Simultaneous 5-axis capabilities
  • User-friendly controls and automated operation
  • Tool magazine storage capacities in 40, 80 and 120 tools
  • Y-Axis, off-center machining
  • Milling spindle comes with a CAT 40 or CAPTO C6 interface
  • UN-600/30H
  • UN-600/30V
  • MEGA 8800
  • INTEGREX e-420H
  • INTEGREX e-420H-S
  • INTEGREX e-420H-ST
  • INTEGREX e-500H
  • INTEGREX e-500H-S
  • INTEGREX e-670H
  • INTEGREX e-670H-S
  • INTEGREX e-800H


When you need to add a machine tool to your production line but don’t have the funding for a brand new Mazak machine, it’s always a good idea to shop around for used machine tools. However, buying a used Mazak to save some extra money is about more than finding a deal.

When you want to increase your production output, but save money, you should buy a used machine from ASI Machine Tool in Richwood KY. ASI has remained the region’s largest stocking dealer of reconditioned CNC machines, including a wide selection of used Mazak horizontal machining centers.

The experts at ASI have been fine-tuning their research across all specs, makes and models of CNC Machines since 1996. The best part? Our representatives specialize in more than just Mazak brand machine tools.

Contact us and we’ll match you with a machine that will take your production to a new level. No matter what make or model, we have the experience to guide you through the purchase process, and make sure that the machine you end up with is the perfect machine for you.

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