Used Vacuum Pumps for Sale 2016 Becker 10hp

Used Vacuum Pumps for Sale 2016 Becker 10hp

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2) Used 10 HP Becker Vacuum Pumps for just $10,000

Installed on an Anderson CNC Router in 2016 Customer recently upgraded to a 40Hp to run multiple machines

New 10hp units like this cost over $10,000 each

So you are getting 2 for the price of 1 or buy one get one free.

2) Used 10hp Becker Vacuum Pumps

Becker Model VTLF 2.250 Rotary Oilless Vacuum Pump
10 Hp New with warranty
174 SCFM Open Flow
24” Max. Cont. Vacuum
100% Oil-Less Operation
Cool Operation
Long Vane Life
Inlet Filters Included
Discharge Silencers
Direct Drive
Vacuum Regulators Included
Minimal Maintenance
Continuous Duty rated

Becker VTLF 2.250

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