Used CMS 5 Axis CNC Router

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Used CMS 5 Axis CNC Router PF111 5′ X 10′ Table

The machine that is featured in this video is NOT the machine for sale but does show CMS 5 axis capabilities.

This machine is a 2000 year that will be completely rebuilt in our
Italian Factory with updated OSAI control and limited warranty on new parts

Protection bellows over the moving gears on the bridge.

Used CMS CNC Router 5×10 Table

5′ X 10′ Vacuum Table Grid (3050mm x 1560mm)

As you know, with 5 axis machines, travel is very important
to make sure you can reach around your parts with your tools.

Dynamic Plan View

X Stroke = 141.73″ (3,600mm)
Y Stroke = 62.99″ (1,600mm)
Z Stroke = 47.24″ (1,200mm)
B Stroke = 360°
C Stroke = +/- 110°

Z Axis Stroke of 47″

Long Z Axis

Safety box around the operating head.

Toolchanger carousel with 16 stations for ISO30 cones.

Large Tool Changer

Liquid Cooled 10Kw Electrospindle 24,000 RPM ISO-30

Head and ATC

Linear and rotary encoders on the 5 axis.

Osai 10/385 with 10.4″ on a trolley

New OSAI Controller