Used 2011 NAGEL-TBT MODEL DM500-1-1200 BTA STA Deephole Drilling Machine

Used 2011 NAGEL-TBT MODEL DM500-1-1200 BTA STA Deephole Drilling Machine

Very little use. Must move to make room for other machinery.  Will consider reasonable offers.

  • Manufacturer: Nagel
  • Stock Number: XL32419TD
  • Drill Diameter: 3.2"
  • Cutting Length: 168"
  • Control Type: Siemens PLC controls
  • Description


Machine Base of reinforced polymer concrete and steel weldment
construction for dampening of vibration, rigidity and noise reduction.
Precision 55mm linear guideways for drilling and guide slides.

Coolant Equipment:
Clean Oil Tank: Single wall sheet steel tank for clean oil. Interior provided
With separation walls. Equipped with digital coolant temperature monitoring.
Normal capacity: 4.900 liters (1.300 gallons)
RESY paper bed filtration system
(2x) Air oil heat exchanger
Screw Pump, servo controlled with programmable flow rate
Chip Conveyor, scraper type over full length of the machine
Horizontal length: 14,901 mm (approx. 48.9’)
Discharge height: 1.270 mm (50”)

Electrical Equipment:
Siemens OPI 77 Control for DM500-1 Machine with integrated
Machining cycles for all common drilling processes.
Closed loop servo drive systems.
Electrical cabinets with cabinet air conditioning
Movable cables of high flex design
Traveling Main Operator Panel mounted to linear rail system
TBT Process Monitoring System:
Drill Position
Coolant flow and pressure
Spindle drive power
Feed drive power

Main Safety Guarding:
Fully enclosed interlocked machine safety guarding for
Model DM500-1 machine

Two color scheme to Nagel specification
Silk-mat finished: – RAL 035 (light gray) and RAL 5019 (blue)

Drilling Head:
Feed drive by gear with centric and pinion
Servo motor and reducing gear
Drilling depth control via absolute measuring system
Position accuracy 0.05 mm (0.002”)
Feed force measuring via torque output of servo drive motor.
BTA chip outlet for chip discharge through drill spindle
Main Spindle:
With 2-speed transmission and programmable spindle speed control
Spindle Drive:
Servo Motor with variable frequency control
Automatic spindle orientation for pull boring and trepanning operations/

Oil pressure head slide:
Less part specific oil pressure head and clamping system
Feed drive with centric installed rack and pinion via servo
Motor with reduction gear. Integral drive system controls
Automatically adjust clamping force to compensate for
Workpiece thermal expansion.
Oil Pressure Head:
Designed for rotating workpiece and rotating drill
Bushing. Including precision SCA 3-Jaw 21” chuck.
Extended range for 0.75” ~ 6.00” drill diameters.

Tailstock with workpiece chuck:
With thru-hole design, permanently mounted onto machine base.
Spindle passage: O 160 mm (6.3”)
Two speed motor and gear set for counter rotation.
BTA chip outlet for chip discharge through tailstock spindle
Includes precision SCA 3-Jaw 21” chuck

Workpiece Roller Steady (Qty=2)
Manually operated

Tool steady (vibration dampener receptor) Qty=2

Included BTA STS Tooling (manufactured by BTA Heller):
(1) Stuffing box assembly: Drill tube =808
(1) Stuffing box assembly: Drill tube =816
(1) Drill bushing and drill head for drill O38.118 mm (1.5.007”)
(1) Drill bushing and drill head for drill O76.218 mm (3.0007”)

(2) Vibration dampers, mechanical – small
Dampener for drill tubes =800 -816
Collet dampener bushing for tube =808

(1) Vibration damper, mechanical – large
Dampener for drill tubes =811 -823
Collet dampener bushing for tube =816

Drilling Performance:
Drill Ø in solid: 0.75” – 3.2”
Counter-boring Ø (max).: 5.9”
Trepan Ø (max).: 4.9” (
Drilling depth (max): 168”
Max. swing Ø over bed: 33.5”
Max workpiece Ø in steady: 11.8”
Pressure head reception Ø: 9.6”

Drilling Spindle:
No. of spindles: 1
Spindle power: 50 Hp Servomotor (37 kW)
Spindle speed: 20 – 3,500 rpm
Two-speed automatic gearbox
Feed rate: 0.1 – 180 ipm

Coolant System:
Coolant: Deephole Drilling Oil
Tank capacity: 1,300 gal
Pump delivery rate: 23 – 90 gpm
Pump drive power: 33 Hp (24.6 kW)
Heat exchangers: 2x air/oil heat exchangers
Efficiency: 205,000 BTU/hr

Voltage: 3PH, 480 VAC
Frequency: 60 Hz
Control voltage: 24 VDC
Total connected load: 90 kW

Mayfram VBU 2000 Chip Ringer System (Included)