Buying Reconditioned CNC Machines: 5 Things You Need to Know

Buying Reconditioned CNC Machines: 5 Things You Need to Know

Manufacturing companies rely on fast production lines with tight deadlines to hit. When your production is in jeopardy, you might start looking into new machine tools to get the job done—and quickly. But, what if you don’t have a big budget to spend on a brand new machine? Are newer machines really the best option out there?

Used CNC Machines can improve your production line just as well as any new machine.

The biggest problem, however, is the stigma behind buying used machines. Is the machine seller reputable, has the machine truly had maintenance done on it, what kind of parts are missing, what does the machine sound like when it runs, how can I know that I’m buying something that will last a long time?

These are only some of the questions customers confront.

In this article, we go through 5 things everyone needs to know (or ask) before buying a used CNC machine.

1. What are the advantages to buying a CNC machine?

The benefit of researching and knowing the features of your desired CNC machine tool allows you and your company to decide what capabilities your production line requires, and how that machine will come into play. The goal of purchasing a used CNC machine should be focused more on how these machines can improve your production efficiency at an affordable price.

Advantages of CNC Machines

  • High accuracy and flexibility
  • Reduced lead time and scrap rate
  • Reliable operation and consistent quality
  • Reduced manpower and increased productivity

The biggest advantage to investing in a CNC machine is the increased productivity at a reduced expense to your company. Your initial investment in the machine itself will eventually even out over the hours you will save from the reduced amount of manpower and hang time that your project requires. Because there are a large variety of programs that can be set up on a CNC machine, not to mention the various makes and models, you can set up programs to truly streamline the creation of any part you need.

2. What do I need to make sure I do before I buy a CNC machine?

Here are the most important items you will need to have and do before deciding which reconditioned or used CNC machine you should purchase:

  • Inspect the machine in person
  • Listen to it run
  • Take the machine on a test drive with your materials
  • Talk to the sales representative about previous ownership
  • Ask for access to a machine status report:
    • Find out machine age
    • Find out process capability
    • Find out the maintenance frequency of the machine
    • Find out parts that were replaced (or still need to be)
    • Find out what tooling was replaced (or still needs to be)
    • Find out past or present software problems (and how they were resolved)
    • Find out how recently the machine was reconditioned
    • Find out how long the machine has been on the market

3. What do I need to lookout for in a CNC seller?

Quality machines always, always, always come from a reputable seller. CNC machines can last a very long time, especially when you find a machine seller that goes the extra step to recondition and not just restore or refinish the CNC machines they offer.

When your seller reconditions your potential CNC machine that means they have the technical skills and the mechanical knowledge to be sure that every possible problem a used CNC machine has faced in its lifecycle has been remedied completely. Just because you’re looking to buy a used machine shouldn’t mean that you need to buy something that isn’t the highest possible quality. So, first things first, find a seller you can trust.

Here are some other things to lookout for:

  • Successful business history
  • Has an onsite warehouse
  • Supplies their own parts and tools
  • Reconditions machines onsite
  • Is available whenever you need support
  • Is forthright about the status of their machines
  • Is willing to negotiate according to your budget

4. How should I approach and talk to my CNC machine seller?

Being straightforward with your needs as a consumer is the biggest step to approaching your potential CNC seller. As long as you are clear on what you need, your seller should be able to give you the best possible options.

5. Why is it important to trust a company that reconditions what they sell?

Reconditioned used CNC machines can be just as reliable as a brand new machine, the quality of a used machine is dependent on: what needed to be replaced and how well the company reconditioned the machine. When a company reconditions machines, they are the most focused on the overall functionality of the machine and not just the pieces needed to be replaced.

Reconditioning should be more about the way the pieces communicate—sometimes adding several years to the lifespan of the machine. At ASI Machine Tool, we do everything we possibly can to get our used machines back to their highest possible working capacity to ensure your company’s productivity as well as your future machine’s lifespan.

What ASI Machine Tool’s Lifecycle services provide:

  • Reconditioning of your machine’s operations and functionality
  • Consistency across your machine’s parts and programs
  • A machine that might be older but still works like new

Are you looking to buy a used CNC machine but are not sure where to look? Browse our current inventory, or shoot us an email to see how ASI can help you improve your production.

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