Used Biesse CNC Router Rover 30 5 x 10 Flat Table

Used Biesse CNC Router Rover 30 5×10 Flat Table $24,000 loaded on your truck. Used Biesse CNC Router Rover 30 5 x 10 Year 2000 Used BIESSE ROVER 30 FT CNC MACHINING CENTER Specifications: Universal Nested Based Table Table Size 61″ x 135″ Pendulum Production (2 Zones) 12 Pop-Up Reference Stops (8 Front & 2 on each side) Working Fields: X = 135″ Y = 64.6″ Z = 7.8″ Used Biesse CNC Router Rover 30 Automatic Lubrication System NC 1000 Numerical Controller With PC Up-Grade 15″ Color Monitor USA Style Keyboard w/ mouse CD-Rom Drive Windows Operating System AC on [...]

Used Busellato Concept XXL CNC Router

2006 Used Busellato Concept XXL CNC Router Flat Table and Pod Rail Sold New for $280,000 just 12 years ago asking $15,000 if you can pick up by friday this week – Nov 16, 2018 This video is NOT showing the exact machine for sale but shows a similar machine in action to show an example Used Busellato Concept CNC Router Combination Flat Table & Pod and Rail Busellato Concept Full View General Info: Stock #: CL-B-161019 Location: Savannah, GA Brand: Busellato Model: Jet Concept XXL Serial #: 6409 Year: [...]

Used Anderson Exxact Plus Single Table CNC Router

2016 Used Anderson Exxact Plus Single Table CNC Router with 2 Automatic Tool Changers This video is NOT exactly the machine that is being listed for sale but only a close representation see details below MACHINE FEATURES: Fixed Bridge (moving table) type machine equipped with 2 (two) 18 HP 4-pole air-cooled router spindles, with grease lubricated ceramic bearings, dual 10-Position Automatic Tool Changing Systems, with one tool length touch probe. The spindle motor is powered by an electronic AC inverter drive system with dynamic spindle braking. Full [...]

Machinery Highlight: Mazak Horizontal Machining Centers

Horizontal machining (milling) utilizes a ground-parallel spindle to secure workpieces while rotary cutters remove parts of the material horizontally—making horizontal machining centers (HMC) the ideal machine tool for companies looking for optimal productivity. Due to their compatibility with a large variety of materials ranging from aluminum to titanium, horizontal machining centers incorporate the latest, most advanced milling technology to bring versatility and flexibility to a new level. This article explores the benefits, capabilities, and characteristics of different Mazak models and [...]

3 Reasons Why Buying CNC Machines from ASI Machine Tools is the Best Choice

When it’s time to replace a machine in your production line, you must consider every feature and production level of the machines available. What will this machine have over the others? What will that machine provide that will boost my production line? Why should I buy from this company and not that company? These are all important considerations. Before you commit to buying a new CNC machine, here’s 3 reasons why you should consider a reseller like ASI Machine Tools. 1. [...]

3 Advantages of Buying Used CNC Machines

CNC machines amplify the productivity—and profitability—of business. Because they streamline the necessary processes to get manufacturing projects done quickly, investing in CNC machines is ideal for any manufacturing company. In order to ensure the best outcome, some companies will form committees to tackle the purchase of the machine—especially when multiple departments are involved in and will be responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the machine. But the question is: do you buy a new or used CNC machine? How can [...]

Machinery Highlight: Turning Mazak Models

CNC turning centers are CNC lathes that use computer programs to automate the creation of cylindrical parts—where the cutting tool moves in a linear fashion while the workpiece rotates on the spindle of the machine. The addition of these machines simultaneously increases the productivity of production teams and the value brought to every respective customer. In this article, the focus will be on CNC turning centers, especially Mazak brand models, and all of the benefits and functionalities each machine provides. Streamline [...]

Buying Reconditioned CNC Machines: 5 Things You Need to Know

Manufacturing companies rely on fast production lines with tight deadlines to hit. When your production is in jeopardy, you might start looking into new machine tools to get the job done—and quickly. But, what if you don’t have a big budget to spend on a brand new machine? Are newer machines really the best option out there? Used CNC Machines can improve your production line just as well as any new machine. The biggest problem, however, is the stigma behind buying [...]

Machinery Highlight: Multi-tasking Mazak Models

In the manufacturing industry, there are three things directly related to your profitability: Flexibility Productivity Efficiency Are your processes flexible enough to change quickly to account for emergencies, last minute requests, and late additions to a project? Is your productivity constantly improving and increasing customer retention? Are your processes efficient enough to account for a potential drop in machine productivity and resolve the problem quickly? When it comes to maximizing profitability, your manufacturing business needs to have machines that can take you to the next [...]

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your CNC Machine

When it comes to lasting power, CNC machines are durable and reliable. These machines will work through a long line of processes for a long time, but what happens when they begin to show signs of wear and tear? Don’t leave yourself stranded with a growing line of pending production for a machine that may or may not need to be replaced. Take these steps to be sure your machines are working for you and not against you. Questions to [...]