Centroid A560 CNC 5 Axis Machine

Centroid A560 CNC 5 Axis Machine

One year old , like new, with Tooling

  • Manufacturer: Centroid
  • Stock Number: XTFMO315
  • Control Type: Centroid
  • Taper: Cat 40
  • X Axis Travel: 42
  • Y Axis Travel: 24
  • Z Axis Travel: 26
  • Description


1 year old machine used very little for in house machining. Comes with complete engine tooling package, block fixture, extra tooling, American rotary phase converter, maybe 100 hrs of machining time, just like new but better priced

Table Size:
Longitudinal travel (X):
Cross travel (Y):
Vertical travel (Z):
A axis:
B axis:
Maximum table load:
Spindle power:
Spindle taper:
Spindle speed:
Rapid feed rates (X,Y,Z):
Axis drive motors (X,Y,Z,A,B):
Guide ways
Coolant pump:
Auto lubrication pump:
Coolant separator
Way Covers
Power requirement:
Air requirement:
20” x 49.5” (508mm x 1257mm)
42” (1067mm)
24” (607mm)
26” (660mm)
360 degree rotation
+/- 60 degrees of tilt
2200lbs (1000kg)
27HP/ 20kW
20,000 RPM
24 Position Swing Arm tool changer
X,Y 1000 IPM, Z 800 IPM
0.0005″ (0.0127mm)
0.0002″ (0.0060mm)
X,Y 2.9kW, Z 4.5kW, B 3kW, A 1kW AC Brushless
Full Enclosure with Chip Auger
Heavy Duty Linear guideways
45 PSI, 12 gal/min 50 Gallon Capacity
150W .13 liters/min
Disc type Oil/Coolant separator
Telescoping metal way covers
43kVA, 50-60Hz, 208-240v, 3 Phase, 100 amps